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Hands on Stone Age Workshop for Key Stage 2

Enjoying drinks The circle Rosehip tea

We are incredibly excited to be able to offer the first of our curriculum linked work-shops for schools, The Stone Age. Being a new history topic for Key Stage 2, our sessions offer unique opportunities to allow the children to be directly involved in activities that connect the children to the Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic eras of this incredible prehistoric time of our ancestors. The children will be physically active and hands-on throughout the programme and are able to work, together and realistically, as a stone age clan.

We have worked carefully with teachers to develop a programme that links our activities to the topic as taught in the classroom, through art, english, science, pshe and history. Our sessions work well for all class sizes and we can effectively work with classes of 30 children in one morning. Laura and I request that for a class of 30, the school provides 3 extra adults. This would typically be the class teacher, the class teaching assistant and one other adult helper.

The Setting

Depending on the spaces you have available within your school’s grounds and class sizes, we can change our programme to suit you. We can also adapt the activities and content to suit areas of the subject you wish to focus on to link into your classroom activities.

A typical setting would be a wood stool circle around an unlit fire, complete with cooking tripod over the fire pit, with surrounding space for shelter building and paint making.


We can provide a combination of, or all of the following activities, which work well together; fire lighting, shelter building, a demonstration of charcoal making, foraging and making tea, creating natural paint and using natural dye, decorating stones or other natural material with stone age cave style art.

At all stages of the session we draw on historical evidence to really help the children get into role and imagine what it would have been like living during the Stone Age.

For more information or to book, please contact us

The workshops were very well planned and delivered. The pace was great and they were pitched perfectly for their year 3 audience. There was plenty of interactivity and all of the children got a lot from them in terms of subject knowledge, but also from the experience of actually making fire and drinking real stone-age tea. I wasn’t so keen on the tea.

Year 3 Team. Balfour Primary

Our morning of stone age and survival was well organised, engaging and exciting. The hands-on activities helped the children to consolidate previous learning and acquire new practical skills. Laura and Jo related everything to the stone age which really helped the children experience what life was like thousands of years ago. The morning provided lots of follow up work in both history and English and the quality of the children's writing was so much better as they could draw on actual experiences. We will be using Jo and Laura next year to engage and inspire the children.

Nigel Stock. Patcham Junior School

Joanna and Laura prepared a fantastic Stone Age workshop for our year 3 classes at Saltdean Primary School. Very soon after I contacted Earthkids, they arranged to come and carry out a risk assessment of our school grounds and then emailed us a detailed programme of the day's proceedings. Our children absolutely loved the informative and exciting workshops; building a campfire and shelters, foraging, making and drinking nettle and rosehip tea and making paint to create art on stones. I will definitely be recommending this workshop to other teacher colleagues.

Jo Peckham. Saltdean Primary School

We had a great time with Earthkids at Sheddingdean! Laura and Jo worked with our Year 5 children over two days as part of our ‘Year 5 Go Wild!’ experience. It was fantastic to see all of our children responding so well to all the Earthkids activities- fire-building, sawing, cooking and shelter building. The children were fully engaged in learning new survival skills and loved learning outside. I was impressed by the children’s focus, resilience and teambuilding skills they demonstrated throughout the two days. Laura and Jo were very thorough with their planning and preparation and all the activities were delivered with good regard for the children’s safety and well-being. The children enthused about their Earthkids experience and some said ‘ These are the best two days of my time at school!’ ‘Why can’t we do this every week?’

A big thank you to Earthkids- I think you have ignited that ‘spark’ for getting children excited about outdoor learning. It was a delight to see!

Rachel Coussens (Deputy Headteacher). Sheddingdean Primary School

Shelter Building

Shelter Building Shelter Building Shelter Building Shelter Building Shelter Building Shelter Building

Fire Lighting

Fire Lighting Fire Lighting Fire Lighting
Fire Lighting Fire Lighting

Making and Using Chalk Paint

Chalk Paint Chalk Paint Chalk Paint

Painted Stones

Painted Stones Painted Stones Fire Lighting
Painted Stones Painted Stones